The Magic Bullet to Classroom Management

Did you really think there was a magic bullet to classroom management? 

I hate to break it to you, but classroom management takes an arsenal, not a single shot. 

Matter of fact, classroom management is a war. It takes time, an unshakeable mindset, and ironclad tactics.

As intimidating as that may sound, I do have some good news for you: there are fundamental laws to the art of classroom management. 

Here are two fundamental ideas you can use in your classroom today: 

  1. Always reward any behavior that you expect of your students.  
  2. The reward must coincidentally be associated to the behavior you want your students to repeat.

Note: A reward does not have to be gifts or candy; you can simply say to a student, "Good job!" or give them a high-five. 

Lets take a look at these ideas in action: click on the image below.  

There you have it. You now have two powerful ideas you can immediately use in your classroom. 

Here's your homework: The next time you teach, find and praise the behaviors you want from your students. Don't forget, the praise must be associated to the behavior coincidentally—not a second later! 

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