Your first step: 

Are you as excited as I am about getting started on your first step! I know I am!

Lets begin!


For your first step you are going to do two things, (1) pay attention to the negative things you say to yourself and (2) replace them with new positive things.

For instance, if you have a goal of starting a new business (like me), pay attention to the negative things you say to yourself with regard to starting a business. 

In my case, starting a business is unheard of in my family. Thus, when I tell myself I am going to start a business, my subconscious mind says, "You'll never make it! It's not meant to be. You just need to enjoy life and stop trying so hard!"

That's your horse (your subconscious mind) trying to stay on the same path. 

To overcome the subconscious mind, literally say to yourself "Stop!" or "Shut up!" Don't think about it in your mind, actually say out loud, "Stop!"

It doesn't have to be so loud that people look at you weird. Just loud enough for you to hear it. 

When you tell yourself to stop, it's the equivalent of pulling the reins on a horse. You are saying to the horse (remember that's your subconscious mind), "I know you are used to the old way, but we are going to do things a different way from now on."

That's the first part.

The second part is to replace the old with the new. When you hear yourself say something negative like, do part 1, and then replace it with something new and positive.  

For instance, if you say "I will never lose weight," you must say something to replace that, like, "I can lose weight. I just need to follow my meal plan."

See, I told you it would be simple. The hard part is doing it over and over. Remember, the horse is used to the old way and it will be persistent in trying to do things the old way. But, you're tough, and you have a goal in mind. When the horse tries to go its own way, you make it go the other way. 

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