Before you get started, let me first say this: what you will learn in the upcoming lessons is very simple to do; however, it will not be easy to accomplish.

I say its simple because the steps are clear and unmistakable; however, its not so easy because it involves your mental effort.

Try this quick exercise: Clasp your hands together (i.e. hold your own hand). 

Check: Which thumb was on top? The right or the left? 

Try this exercise: Clasp your hands together, so that, this time, your other thumb is on top. 

Check: How does that feel? Uncomfortable? Weird?

That's what it's going to feel like to go through the upcoming lessons. 

It's simple to do the steps; however, you will have to change the way you usually think.

Here is a quick little story to help you understand what I mean:

Horse reigns.png

One time in The Pocono Mountains, my wife and I went horseback riding. I admit, I was a little scared at first, but the horse trainer assured me it was safe because it was trained to walk the same path every single day.

I felt safe because he showed me how to steer my horse. He said it was simple, just pull on the horse's reins to change its direction. For instance, if you want the horse to go right, just pull the rein towards the right. Similarly, if you want to go left, just pull left.

The trail ride started out smoothly, except that my horse felt like it wanted to go into a different direction than the path that the other horses were on. When I tried to adjust the direction it was headed, by pulling on its reins, it turned its head towards me as if it wanted to bite me. It scared me, so I did what any person would do: I stopped pulling on its reins!

But then I said, you know what, let me try again. I pulled on its reins again, and, sure enough, it turn its head towards me like it wanted to bite me. 

What did I do this time?

I gave up! I'm not a hero! I just want to get home safely!

What is the purpose of this story?

The horse in this story is how your subconscious mind works. Through enough repetition, it will simply follow the path you have trained it to follow. 

This means that if you never reach your goals, its because you have trained yourself to follow that path. Anytime you set a new goal, which is on a new path, its the same as telling the horse to go a different path too. And do you know what happens when you try to make a horse follow a new path? It tries to bite you!

But in the following lessons, I will show you how to take charge of that horse!

You, the rider, must learn how to pull on the reins of your subconscious mind and train it to follow a new path. It will be as simple as pulling on the reins. But remember, your subconscious mind will fight back because it wants to follow the old path.  That's the hard part: fighting back.

But if you follow the steps to come, you will soon be riding on a new path: your goals! 

Warning: Many of the things you will read about may sound familiar, and you may say to yourself, "Hey, I've tried these things before!" But, keep in mind its about putting the things your will learn together to make lasting change. 

Think of it this way, you have probably read somewhere online about ways to lose weight fast. And many of the strategies offered work; however, they do not last because they are not supplemented with other strategies to keep the weight off. 

That is what I am offering. An effective plan with all the tolls you need to succeed.

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