The Only Reason You Can't Reach Your Goals

What do the following statements have in common?

I'm not good enough! I can't do anything right! I'll never reach my goals!

Answer: These are the things you must say to yourself to create a negative self-image, which ruins your chances of success.

Okay, so what's wrong with blowing off a little steam? And what is this thing called the self-image?

Lets start with the meaning of self-image. According to, your self-image is "the idea, conception, or mental image [you have] of [yourself]."

This means that your self-image is not based on reality; it comes from your imagination.

Lets look at one case of the self-image at work:

Do you know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is? If not, he is arguably one of the best body builders in the world. Ever! 

Arnold Schwarzenneger

Arnold Schwarzenneger

Mike Larkin wrote an article for that reveals how Arnold was never happy with his body. Larkin goes on to say that Arnold would literally walk off the stage, after winning the Mr. Olympia (this is a competition with the best bodybuilders in the world), and say to himself, "How did this pile of shit win?"

Huh? Really?

This is a clear example of the self-image at work.

People regard Arnold as having the ideal body; yet, Arnold would disagree. 

How does that happen?

Well, it's simple. You just have to tell yourself over and over again that you are, as Arnold puts it, "...a pile of shit."

Here is one lesson for you:

Your self-image is gullible.

You tell it, "You suck," and your self-image says, "Yes sir!" Say, "You're a pile of shit," and your self-image is like, "Okay."

Think about the negative things you tell yourself. How often do you convince yourself you are incapable of accomplishing your goals?

Ever hear someone say, "Get out of your own way," or "You are your own worst enemy"?

They're right!

You see, if you really want to succeed and conquer your goals, you must take care of your self-image, because it holds the key to your success. 

Think of it this way, you are in control of your self-image in the same way that a computer programmer writes the code to tell software what to do. Except that you write the code that tells your self-image what to think. 

Let me make it clear, you can accomplish your goals. I repeat, YOU CAN accomplish your goals.

All you need is the right plan to develop a positive self-image. Once you do that, you will be able to accomplish any of your goals. 

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